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Controlling Your Emotions at the End of Relationships

by kugo

Your man just hurt you. Again. You know he’s no good and you should just break up with him and move on. However, you can’t stop thinking about him. You grovel, you cry, you think, think, think and then think some more. You want to call him, send him a text, or talk to his friends. You may even allow him a chance to beg for forgiveness or give him an opportunity to win you back; even when you know he’s not good for you.

We only do these irrational actions so our emotional side can “feel better.” We give in to our emotions in order to feel better in the short term, but we end up hurting even more over the long term. Even the strongest women have made stupid decisions based on their inability to control their emotions.

We’ve all taken back men when we knew we shouldn’t have. We’re only trying to make ourselves feel better, so we end up making stupid decisions based on hurt feelings. This is why so many of us take the loser back, repeatedly. It’s just our emotional, feminine, loving side controlling our brains. That’s why you can’t think or act logically when it comes to leaving a man that you love but you know is no good for you. Here’s how you can get the strength…

The Easy Part:

It’s easy to notice when this is happening because you know deep in your heart that you’re making a bad decision. You know when you’re taking too much shit from a man. It’s also easy to recognize when this is happening because your friends and family are telling you to leave him alone, but you’re not listening! It’s easy to recognize when the emotions are making you a fool. The hard part is once you recognize it, you have to control it.

The Hard Part:

This is where the work comes in. Although you can’t stop the emotions, you can control how you respond to them. Who’s running the show here, your emotions or you? You’re the one in control. Your heart may be broken and you really want to forgive this man, but you can stop yourself.

You must stop yourself! You can say to yourself, “I know I’m terribly sad right now and there’s nothing I want more than to be back with him. But, I realize that’s my emotions talking and I’ve decided that this time I’m not going to do what my emotions want me to do.”

The Hardest Part:

Even though you’ve made a choice not to react to the pain, your heart will still be broken. The pain will still be there. The sadness will be constantly present. However, if you can just control yourself, it will eventually go away. It takes some time. You have to occupy yourself and your mind until it goes away.

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