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Ladies Vet Your Mate

by Dan Omondi

Will Your Partner Be a Good Provider?

“A good provider.” Although this phrase may seem a bit old-fashioned, as I listened to the experts, I came to respect it as an invaluable guide to evaluating a prospective partner. The ability to make a living is highly relevant today. Most couples in our society need two incomes to achieve their financial goals. Therefore, men and women alike need to ask the question: Will the person I’m in love with be economically viable? As it has been forever, marriage is an economic institution in which most people pool their finances. Your economic success and standard of living will be connected inextricably to that of another person. Therefore, you need to ascertain: Will my partner be a good provider?

Is He or She Financially Responsible?

Although important, being a good provider and earning a decent income isn’t everything. Another item to examine is your partner’s ability to handle money. And this is something you can observe closely while dating. The experts believe that conscientious money management is highly diagnostic for the relationship’s future. In addition to a willingness to work hard and get ahead, they recommend that you assess your partner’s sense of financial responsibility.

Will He or She Be a Good Parent?

When people are in the early stages of a relationship, parenthood seems remote and is not likely to come up for intensive discussion. Raising that topic can be threatening; it implies a level of seriousness that can make one or both partners say, “Don’t go there.” However, before you make a serious commitment to another person, the experts argue that you should do your best to evaluate your partner not only as a lover and companion, but as a future parent.

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