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by kugo

He drops you off and drives back to his wife and kids….

He throws away the used condoms along the road and buy sweets to clean your fragrance off him no matter how expensive it is.
He first takes a shower to clean your unwanted sweat and cologne. Then he agrees and accepts in his heart that he can’t leave his wife because of you.

He forgives himself for cheating while driving to the Mother of his Children… He hugs her and ask the Kids about their Education when he gets home.

He eats food cooked by his Wife not 2 piece of
KFC that he bought for you!!! After eating, he relaxes on the couch with his wife… Later they both go to Bed.

They discuss about their Future. He makes love to her, (not sex that he had with you)… He doesn’t take a shower like he did with you because he is used to that Aroma of his Wife… She sleeps on his Chest while discussing
their Investments, Policies and Planning
their Anniversary…. And you are alone Struggling to Complete a 3 Year Course.

He gave you N50,000 with 2 piece of KFC and Coca Cola… Your Mother is Boasting that her daughter is Disciplined not knowing that you became a resting Zone of Lusting and Bored Husband of another lady that is planning a Graduation Party and release date of her book.

Ask yourself this Question: “What Happened To My Dreams And Goals I Made when I Passed SS3?

Forgive Yourself and find
yourself a single Man for you… If you’re not lucky then please
Stay Happy Being Single.

Don’t be the cause of a woman like you tears. Don’t let her tears hold back your blessings. Don’t tear a family apart… No matter the story he tells you channel him back to his wife and family.

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