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The man who understands me better than my husband

by kugo

I receive a text from him, 

Each text from him makes me smile,

In fact, I blush to his warm messages. I forget my husband is right next to me.

This man I chat with, he makes my day.  I look forward to his texts and emojis,  More than I look forward to coming home to my husband. He touches my heart in a special way.

This man, I call him my best friend, my confidant. My husband, well, my husband is just the father of my children. But this man, this man gets me. This man understands me.

This man, we share the same taste of music, 

This man, we talk for hours, My husband just asks me to do errands for him. Yes, I chat with this man while in bed with my husband, When my husband checks my screen, I tilt it, or pretend I am on YouTube.

This man knows about my dreams, He sends me articles in line with my goals, My husband doesn’t know what I pray for, My husband doesn’t bother.

This man, he would ask me out on dates, We don’t call them dates, it is just two friends meeting.  But are we just friends? People who meet us think we are a couple.

This man, he hugs me with hugs that melt me I have kissed his lips, touched his hands. He makes me feel like a woman. My husband makes me feel forgotten.

This man, he knows my husband’s secrets. He knows even how my husband no longer does it for me in bed.  He says he wishes he was married to me,  He is the reason why my phone has a password these days.

This man, I am coming home late because of him.  My husband is complaining I have changed because of him. He is planting fantasies in my mind, That are in conflict with the family I am raising.

This man, my girlfriend tells me to keep off him, But I tell her me and him are just friends. What am I doing? I am in denial. This is an affair.

This is how affairs start, with a simple friendship with blurred lines. Why am I allowing him to take the place of my husband? My husband used to make me feel like he does,  My husband and I need to revive, not look outside.

Come to think of it,  Maybe this man is more exciting because I can’t have him,  He is only good when his caring for me from a distance,  He is the sweetness of the forbidden fruit and something new.

I need to stop this, this is unfair to my husband, I am emotionally going back to my husband. Wives, stop looking outside for comfort. Husbands, stop creating a vacuum another man will be tempted to fill.

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